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Faculty and Staff

Scott E. Lowe, PhD

Associate Dean Graduate College; Professor, Economics • 208-426-5439 • Mail Stop: 1110

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Dr. Lowe's primary research interests relate to the influence of regulations on environmental and socioeconomic conditions. His research focal areas include air and water quality, urban economics, and on water use in the arid western United States. Dr. Lowe is currently the Associate Dean of the Graduate College.


  • PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • MS, Oregon State University
  • BA, University of California, Santa Barbara

Featured Publications

  • “An Integrated Analysis of the Effects of Local Water Institutions on Irrigated Agriculture Outcomes in the Arid Western United States”. 2017. Applied Economics (with Wenchao Xu).
  • "Climate Change, Water Rights, and Water Supply: The Case of Irrigated Agriculture in Idaho". 2014. Water Resources Research (with Wenchao Xu and Richard Adams) v50(12) 9675-9695.
  • "An Analysis of Irrigated Agricultural Outcomes Under the Prior Appropriation Doctrine: Hypotheses and Applications". 2014. Applied Economics (with Wenchao Xu and Sheng Zhang) v46(22) 2639-2652.
  • "Electronic Textbooks: Antecedents of Student' Adoption and Learning Outcomes". 2014. Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education (with Regis Terpend and Tom Gattiker) v12(2), 149-173.
  • "Long-term Impacts of Major Water Storage Facilities on Agriculture and the Natural Environment: Evidence from Idaho (U.S.)". 2014. Ecological Economics (with Zeynep Hansen and Wenchao Xu) v100, 106-118.
  • "The Determinants of Credit Allocations in a Market-Based Trading System: Evidence from the RECLAIM Program". 2013. The Review of Regional Studies (with Antonio Bento and Emeric Henry) 43(1), 51-80.
  • “Online Texts and Conventional Texts: Estimating, Comparing and Reducing the Greenhouse Gas Footprint of Two Tools of the Trade.” 2012. Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education (with Tom Gattiker and Regis Terpend) v10(4), 589-613.
  • “Climate Variability and Water Infrastructure: Historical Experience in the Western United States.” 2011. in National Bureau of Economic Research The Economics of Climate Change: Adaptations Past and Present (with Zeynep Hansen and Gary D. Libecap)
  • “City-Level Effects of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments.” 2011. Land Economics (with Maximilian Auffhammer and Antonio Bento,) 87(1), 1-18.
  • “Measuring the Effects of Environmental Regulations: The critical importance of a spatially disaggregated analysis.” 2009. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (with Maximilian Auffhammer and Antonio Bento,) v58, 15-26.