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Assistantships and Fellowships

Graduate Assistantships

The Economics Department offers research and teaching assistantships to outstanding applicants. Each graduate assistant will receive a full-fee waiver and be provided with shared office space with computers. All fully submitted applications by the April 15 deadline will be automatically considered for assistantships. Continuing students should inform the graduate coordinator in writing if they wish to be considered for funding.

  • Teaching assistants (TAs) work in classes with department professors. The courses that utilize TAs will be selected based on their enrollments and may include lower and/or upper division courses.
  • Research assistants (RAs) work directly with professors on research projects.


The Department of Economics greatly appreciates the contributions of the Ethel C. Chapman Trust and others to the John J. and Ethel C. Chapman Fellowship.

Two $10,000 John J. and Ethel C. Chapman Graduate Economics Fellowships will be awarded annually. To apply a student must:

  • have a GPA of 3.5
  • be a full-time graduate student (enrolled in 9 graduate credits per semester unless otherwise determined under Boise State University policy)

Chapman Fellowships may be renewed if recommended by the Department of Economics.