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Economics News

Boise State Students Attend 2017 APEE

Students with Allen Dalton

(L to R) Chris Caldwell, Jennifer Moore, Professor D.A. Dalton

Boise State’s Department of Economics is proud to have two students attend the 42nd Annual Meeting of The Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE). Professor D. Allen Dalton said, “APEE is a group of scholars sharing a common interest in the liberal tradition of freedom -to trade, migrate, associate, and investigate. At the conferences, we get to share the investigations we’ve made. My co-authored paper on Coasean bargaining was first presented at an APEE conference.” Chris Caldwell and Jennifer Moore traveled with Professor D. Allen Dalton to Hawaii to present their research.

Professor D. A. Dalton said, “Students have an opportunity to present their research to faculty members from throughout the world, meet students from other universities, network for future educational opportunities, and be exposed to ongoing research from leading teachers and scholars.” These conferences have become excellent networking opportunities for students interested in pursuing graduate work.

Jennifer Moore presenting researchChris Caldwell presents research

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