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Program Format and Curriculum

Program Format: Day classes, lock-step cohort. Classes commence each Fall semester.
Program Focus: Teamwork, business skills, project management, real world experience.
Program Length: 2 academic years (22 months)
Academic Terms: 4 semesters with summer internship required between semesters 2 and 3


 Year 1Fall Semester
1st 8 weeksMBA 501 Accounting for Managers
1st 8 weeksMBA 507 Statistical Thinking and Business Analytics
2nd 8 weeksMBA 512 Management and Oral Communications
2nd 8 weeksMBA 508 Corporate Financial Management
 Year 1Spring Semester
1st 8 weeksMBA 509: Data Management and Analytics
1st 8 weeksMBA 502 Fundamentals of Marketing
2nd 8 weeksMBA 510 Operations and Supply Chain Management
2nd 8 weeksMBA 503 Managing Successful Projects
Summer Session
3 CreditsMBA 590 Practicum/Internship
 Year 2Fall Semester
1st 8 weeksMBA 522 Managing Human Resources
1st 8 weeksMBA 505 Strategy for Competitive Advantage
2nd 8 weeksMBA 514 Innovation Driven Advantage
2nd 8 weeksMBA 506 Discipline Integration: Live Cases
 Year 2Spring Semester
1st 8 weeksMBA 511 Business Law and Social Responsibility
1st 8 weeksMBA 527 Applied Capstone Start
2nd 8 weeksMBA 526 Business Economics
2nd 8 weeksMBA 528 Applied Capstone Project

  An in-depth examination of financial statement use in business decision-making. A user’s perspective focuses study on interpreting the output of the accounting system rather than on details of statement preparation. PREREQ: ADM/PROG.Course descriptions

MBA 502 FUNDAMENTALS OF MARKETING (2-0-2)(F). Focuses on strategies to generate revenue for the firm. Includes segment analysis, customer choice behavior, branding, marketing tactics, personal selling, and the development of marketing plans. PREREQ: ADM/PROG.

MBA 503 MANAGING SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS: PLANNING AND PEOPLE (2-0-2)(F). Introduces the front-end issues of project management including team formation, communication strategies, conflict management, project constraints, risk analysis, and tools for project planning. PREREQ: ADM/PROG.

MBA 504 MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING FOR PLANNING AND CONTROL (2-0-2)(F). Examines various cost-based accounting concepts and practices. Particular emphasis is directed to the challenges involved in using cost data to evaluate past performance and plan future deployment of firm resources. PREREQ: ADM/PROG.

MBA 505 STRATEGY FOR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE (2-0-2)(F).  A first exposure to the analyses and processes used to create functional, business-level, and corporate-level strategies.  Special consideration of organizational design, diversification, mergers and acquisitions, and measures of strategic performance including use of Balanced Scorecards. PREREQ: ADM/PROG.

MBA 506 DISCIPLINE INTEGRATION: LIVE CASES (2-0-2)(F). Integrates current course topics via application to operating businesses. PREREQ: ADM/PROG.

MBA 507 STATISTICAL THINKING AND ANALYSIS (2-0-2)(S).  Introduces techniques for transforming data into information decision-makers can use. Focuses on graphically presenting statistical data, using probability to measure uncertainty, sampling techniques, tools of statistical inference, time-series and related forecasting methods. PREREQ: ADM/PROG.

MBA 508 CORPORATE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (2-0-2)(S).  A framework to analyze investment opportunities and identify appropriate financing strategies. Emphasizes the key techniques of corporate financial decision-making, including risk and return, capital budgeting, discounted cash flow valuation, capital structure, and payout policy PREREQ: ADM/PROG, MBA 501, MBA 504.

MBA 509 DATA AND PROCESS MANAGEMENT (2-0-2)(S). Explores state of the art approaches to capturing, storing, retrieving, and representing enterprise data.  Considers process management approaches for enhancing efficiency, insuring compliance, and managing to ISO and certification standards. PREREQ: ADM/PROG.

MBA 510 CREATING COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE ALONG THE SUPPLY CHAIN (2-0-2)(S). Explores the flow of products and services from suppliers, within the firm, and to customers. Topics include forming strategic supplier and customer relationships, developing operations excellence through continuous improvement, lean methodologies, and logistics management. PREREQ: ADM/PROG.

MBA 511 CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN BUSINESS LAW (2-0-2)(S).  Legal reasoning and the legal system, agency and business associations, torts, contracts, intellectual property, employment law, sales, and product liability. Emphasizes the implication of these legal issues for business decision-making. PREREQ: ADM/PROG.

MBA 513 DISCIPLINE INTEGRATION: CASES AND BUSINESS MODELING (2-0-2)(S). Further application of current course topics to a variety of actual businesses. Focus shifts to advanced spreadsheet modeling of business opportunities, processes, and projected returns. PREREQ: ADM/PROG.

MBA 515 DESIGN THINKING (2-0-2)(F). Introduces hands-on, technique-based training in the process of creating new, market-viable products and services. Special focus on disruptive technologies, reconstructing market boundaries, ethnographic research, and needs-based product positioning strategies. PREREQ: ADM/PROG.

MBA 516 MANAGING SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS: PROJECT SCHEDULING AND EXECUTION (2-0-2)(F).  Hands-on experience with the tools of project management including PERT/Critical Path, resource utilization, project monitoring and tracking, and critical chain analysis. PREREQ: ADM/PROG, MBA 503.

MBA 517 MANAGING HUMAN RESOURCES (2-0-2)(F). Examines best practices for managing the employee life-cycle into, through, and out of organizations from a strategic perspective. Includes employee recruitment, selection, performance appraisal, discipline, coaching, compensation, and termination issues. PREREQ: ADM/PROG

MBA 518 MARKETS, PRICES, AND ECONOMIC DECISION MAKING (2-0-2)(F).  A structured approach to thinking through trends, cycles, and fluctuations in market prices and quantities, as well as the economic conduct of consumers, suppliers, producers and competitors.  Includes consideration of the classical perfectly competitive market and the implications of restricted competition, imperfect information, and externalities on the practical application to production and marketing decisions. PREREQ: ADM/PROG.

MBA 519 ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS (2-0-2)(F). Application of behavioral science principles to help understand manager and employee reactions in an organizational setting.  Focuses on team-building, motivation, leadership, problem-solving, negotiation, and self-management. PREREQ: ADM/PROG.

MBA 520 LAUNCHING BUSINESS INITIATIVES (2-0-2)(F). Examines the start-up phase of business, whether an entirely new entity or within an existing organization. Emphasis on opportunity recognition, commercialization, and business plan development. PREREQ: ADM/PROG.

MBA 521 ECONOMIC POLICY AND TRADE (2-0-2)(S). Relates government economic and international trade policies to aggregate economic activity such as inflation, unemployment, GDP, exchange rates, and trade balances. Draws managerial implications for demand forecasting, anticipating interest rates, and understanding costs.  PREREQ: ADM/PROG, MBA 518.

MBA 523 MANAGEMENT AND ORAL COMMUNICATION (2-0-2)(S). A hands-on introduction to managerial oral communication including informal exchanges, elevator pitches, meetings, and persuasive formal presentations. PREREQ: ADM/PROG.

MBA 524 APPLIED CAPSTONE PROJECT START (2-0-2)(S). Initiates team capstone project for a client organization. Provides hands-on experience in project planning and design PREREQ: ADM/PROG.

MBA 525 APPLIED CAPSTONE PROJECT FINISH (6-0-6)(S). Completes execution of capstone project for a client organization. Provides real-world experience. PREREQ: ADM/PROG. COREQ: MBA 524.

MBA 590 PRACTICUM/INTERNSHIP (3-0-3)(SU). Provides work experience via placement with an organization.