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Take a Bronco to Lunch

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    Take a Bronco to Lunch


COBE Career Services has launched a new program called Take a Bronco to Lunch. Students are matched with a professional for a one-time lunch to learn and gain insights into a field of their interest. This provides a unique opportunity for students to meet with a mentor in a friendly lunchtime setting.


Here are a few of the reasons you should be part of Take a Bronco to Lunch.

  • Expand your network
  • Advice on how to get jobs
  • Broaden your perspective
  • Get advice making career decisions
  • Get insights into finding job opportunities
  • Learn the daily responsibilities of a job


Kimberly Wilburn, Accounting

“Take a Bronco to Lunch is a great opportunity to build your network and also have a direct connection to a professional for questions and discussions. I think it’s a great opportunity for anyone in COBE.” – Kimberly Wilburn, Accounting



“Meeting with Sam was a great opportunity not only for learning how an MBA program helped him in his workplace and how was able to become an important leader in his workplace.” – Ali Sharifi Shalmani, MBA Candidate


Jessica Carolina

“Take a Bronco to Lunch was a great experience, I gained a lot of knowledge and still have a lot to learn. I would recommend it to other students that are deciding on what to do with their future career.” – Jessica Carolina, MBA Candidate

Kimberly Wilburn



Registration and matching with professionals is fast and simple. Students provide basic background information and are matched with professionals in their field of interest. After being matched with a professional, students contact the professional to coordinate a time to meet for lunch, coffee, or talk over the phone. For this one-time event, the professional has agreed to pay for the student’s lunch. Please be respectful and prepared to pay your own way if necessary.


If you are interested in sharing your experiences with a student please register using the link below. Timing will be set up to accommodate your schedule after you are matched with a student.

Professional Registration 


If you are a current COBE student and interested in learning from a local professional register using the link below.

Student Registration 

If you have questions, please contact Laura Chiuppi at