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Student Success Stories

jonathan njilayi 283x275 new
“Short term, I am working on developing myself to become a subject matter expert in an area of greatest need within my role in the firm. In the long term, I would like to get my CFA certification. COBE Career services helped me figure out what exactly I wanted to do with my life after college and how. By taking advantage of every career fair and networking opportunity, I was able to narrow down my job hunt to Goldman Sachs. COBE Career Services’ practical advice on the application process, resume, interviewing, and professional persona played a major part in my career success.”
Jonathan Njilayi
Alumnus 2017
Goldman Sachs

andrea chu studentsuccess
“In all my interactions with the COBE Career Services team, it was clear that they are passionate about helping students achieve their career goals. They were instrumental in helping me obtain my internship which led to a full-time offer. I returned to school with the goal of working in audit at a public accounting firm. I feel fortunate that, upon graduation, I will be able to live out that dream. After graduation, I hope to provide mentorship and advice to other second-degree and nontraditional students who have their own doubts and hesitations about recruiting.”
Andrea Chu
Audit Intern, KPMG

adam still studentsuccess
“COBE Career services played a pivotal role in my growth and ultimate success in the interview process. I participated in mock interviews, resume revisions, and cover letter edits, all of which helped me put my best foot forward. Most importantly, I felt that Career Service’s doors were always open for me to bounce ideas around when charting my next plan of action. It was my frequent sessions with Laura that allowed me to formalize my career/internship aspirations and really pinpoint where I wanted to apply and who I wanted to reach out to. If you’re not utilizing Career Services, you’re forfeiting a huge advantage you would otherwise have had.”
Adam Still
Fall 2019
Investment Intern
The Kauffman Foundation

connor sheldon studentsuccess
“COBE provides a space to learn, practice, and apply and challenged me to keep all doors open in regards to exploring various career options. Career Services helped me connect to the right individuals at companies I was interested in, and hosting networking events. Instrumental to my success was the opportunity to practice. Career Services provided multiple opportunities to learn, engage, and refine my elevator pitch and how I present myself on paper. If I were to do anything differently, I think I would get to know my classmates and fellow COBE students better. Chances are, we will see each other again and it is helpful to have a personal connection.”
Connor Sheldon
MBA, 2018
Research Analyst
The Peregrine Fund

margarette pierre-louis studentsuccess
“COBE Career Services has helped me in every step of the way to secure an internship with the company I wanted to work for. Through the different programs they created such as Take a Bronco to Lunch, Ask me Anything and multiple Career Fairs, I was able to connect with professionals working in the fields that interest me the most. Also, the staff was really helpful in editing my resume and giving me tips for interviews. I am grateful for everything I have learned from the COBE Career Services staff, and I hope to apply them to any job search that I will have to do in the future. I wish I used the Career Services earlier in my first MBA semester.”
Margarette Pierre-Louis
MBA, May 2019
Solution and Services Business Development Intern at HP

“I really love my internship now, where I can practice what I have learned from school, get to know the corporate environment, and gain the actual work experience. I have visited the Career Service multiple times for my resume, cover letter, and mock interview. I realized that there is always room for improvement. The mock interviews were extremely helpful to me in getting my dream internship. The mock interview really helped me to figure out better ways to market my skills so employers can see the best version of me.  If I could go back, I would start doing all of these sooner, not waited until I started looking for an internship.”
Anh Nguyen
Accountancy BBA
December 2018
Tax Intern, Micron

amber hunsaker
“I graduated from Boise State University in the Spring of 2017. I left Boise State with a bachelor’s degree and a job offer! I am now a customer success associate at Jelli Inc., which is the largest technology platform for programmatic audio advertising. I got this job with the help of COBE Career Services. They looked at my resume and helped me tailor it to the job. I also participated in many of their networking events, and learned the tools to help me stand out in a competitive environment. My best advice for undergraduates is to get involved and start networking now. I would highly recommend joining Women of the Workplace!”
Amber Hunsaker
General Business
Spring 2017
Jelli, Inc.

Bailee Hanson
“COBE Career Services has helped me to bridge my education and career opportunities. In addition, they’ve helped me to expand my professional network. COBE has provided me an opportunity to learn and gain the tools needed to be successful in the future. It’s my goal to be in a career that I’m passionate about, as well as to be in a place that I can contribute and grow with the business. Learning to reach out, network and go for what you want has been instrumental to my success—there is more to lose by not going for what you want than vice versa! If I were to do anything differently, I would have started earlier. Whether it’s a full time job or an internship, it never hurts to be reaching out and applying to where you want to be.”
Bailee Hanson
Business and Economic Analytics
Fall 2018
Intern, Goldman Sachs

Ben Ohashi
“COBE Career Services played a major role in my time as an undergrad student. Through resume and cover letter advice, networking events, and constructive guidance, they helped me land a great job with an even better company. The resources Laura and her team offer are a large reason why COBE maintains its strong reputation among the Boise community. COBE Career Services is an invaluable resource for students that should not be taken for granted!”
Ben Ohashi
Spring 2017
Capital Group Co.

Busayo Apampa
“I really enjoyed being a part of COBE because everyone cared about my success. COBE Career Services helped me land my current business analyst position with Chick-fil-A. I met with my employer at a career services event and made connections with them as well as other companies in attendance. Career Services helped me with my job search and let me use the Skype room for a virtual interview. If there was one thing I would do differently, it would be to get internships as early as possible in my college career. Be sure to utilize all the amazing resources the College of Business and Economics has to offer, they are so beneficial.”
Busayo Apampa
Business Economics
Spring 2017

Rachel Fike
“In May 2017, I graduated with my Master’s in Business Administration from the College of Business and Economics at Boise State University. Recently, with Laura Chiuppi’s help, I started working for the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce as an Event Coordinator and have loved every minute of it. COBE provided me with the skills necessary to be successful in the working world by providing hands-on, real-world application opportunities. Lastly, COBE taught me the importance of networking! It really is as important as everyone says it is. So, my advice to students is to get involved and meet as many people as you can in the Boise community!”
Rachel Fike
Spring 2017
Boise Chamber of Commerce

Rebecca Imhoff
“I am an accounting and finance student. I recently got a bookkeeping internship at Subway. COBE Career Services helped me prepare my resume and cover letter for this position, and even did a mock interview with me! Being a COBE student has taught me to always strive for excellence and to face challenges. I am looking forward to developing my skills even more through COBE!”
Rebecca Imhoff
Accountancy and Finance
Intern, Subway

Stephanie Voit
“Graduating and getting your big dream job is that thing that you reach for and work toward… But being suddenly faced with it was scary for me. I could go to Laura and all of the people in the Career Center for advice and encouragement. I even went to ask for advice about what I was wearing to interviews! I leaned on Laura and COBE Career Services a lot and ended up with five job offers! The most difficult part of the recruiting process ended up being the decisions I had to make about which job offer to accept. Take every opportunity you can while you are here. COBE does an amazing job of creating clubs and workshops for every major, career path, interest or need that you may have.”
Stephanie Voit
MSA Taxation
Spring 2017