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Profile Statements

What is a profile statement

A profile statement is a compelling and concise narrative, or list, that tells employers why you are qualified for the job. Included on your resume, it also communicates what you have to offer employers (not what you expect to get out of the job, which is what an “Objectives Statement” does).

Your statement should briefly highlight your skills, experience and education, your area of expertise, and convey your desire to contribute to that specific employer. Think of it as an elevator pitch for your resume

How to you write a profile statement

You can start to build content for your profile statement by asking a few key questions.

Know Yourself

  • Skills you most enjoy using?
  • Accomplishments are you most proud of that best illustrate your abilities?
  • Issues, topics, or areas are you most passionate about?

Know Your Audience

  • Target industry values?
  • Experiences, skills and characteristics that matter most in your target jobs?
  • What would you look for in a candidate as a hiring manager?

Inventory your skills and achievements

  • Hard Skills (examples: basic accounting, business writing, social media marketing)
  • Soft Skills (examples: punctual, detail-oriented, ambitious)
  • Achievements and Character Statements (example: “Results-oriented graduate who has shown outstanding leadership as VP of Student Activities for Beta Alpha Psi.”)

Connect your skills and experience to your potential employer

  • Look through the qualifications section of the job description to determine what skills the employer is seeking.
  • Identify, describe and refine your key selling points with your end goal in mind.
  • If you’re not responding to a specific ad or aren’t sure exactly what job you want, then look at a few job ads in the industry you are considering and create a list of shared skills that appear in these ads.

Work to piece all these elements together. Then proofread, refine, and perfect.


Human Resources Example:

Solid understanding of human resources, business operations, and personnel management. Meticulous organization skills and ability to safeguard highly confidential information. Knowledgeable in employee dispute resolution, action planning and employee growth plans. Strong interpersonal communications skills with ability to “listen for understanding.” Experience in new-hire on-boarding and paperwork.

Accounting Example:

Financial Statements | Personal Tax Preparation | Small Business Tax Preparation | Budgeting & Forecasting | MS Excel | General Leger Accounting | Audit Reviews

Highly ethical, detail-focused student about to receive a BBA in Accounting and Finance. Skilled at pinpointing discrepancies and errors to prevent potentially unnecessary cost expenditures. Eager to accept responsibilities, challenges and projects beyond immediate job duties.

Marketing Example:

Resume profile statement for a marketing major, includes student name, contact information, graphic representation of student skills, and small elevator pitch that reads "Social media guru specializing in marketing and creative writing. Experience in branding for start-ups and building strong social media presence. Areas of expertise include: copy writing, email marketing, blogging, podcasting, and web analytics."