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Resume Referrals

About Resume Referrals

Looking for post-graduation employment opportunities or internships? Need to grow your professional network? If you are a COBE junior, senior, or graduate student, you can leave a copy of your resume with COBE Career Services for referral purposes. Our office will hold your resume and supporting documents on-file for up to 6 months after you graduate. Employers who are looking for job candidates that meet their hiring criteria reference our referral resumes. Referrals help increase your chance of job placement.

How to Participate

Step 1:

Make any necessary changes to your resume. COBE Career Services encourages you to meet with our staff for a resume review. Set up an appointment here.

Step 2:

Submit your resume and any supporting documents, such as cover letter and letters of recommendation, to COBE Career Services. You can email your documents or hand-deliver them to our office (MBEB 1120). Be sure to provide a clean, error free copy of all documents.

Step 3:

Continue your job/internship search. In the event that your resume matches an employer’s search criteria, we will refer that employer to your resume. You may call COBE Career Services to have your resume removed at any time or to let us know that you got a job!

Note to employers – Please contact our director, Laura Chiuppi at for more information on how to request student resumes.