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COBE Internship Information

Internship Basics

Internships are ideal opportunities to develop and apply the skills you have learned in a professional setting. Internships offer a lot more than clerical work and coffee runs. They provide engaging learning experiences with supportive companies and organizations.

You will walk away from an internship having gained hands-on experience, a bigger professional network, and the chance to explore different career paths. Internships can also be completed for academic credit. Learn more about the for-credit internship process here.

Finding an Internship

We encourage you to look for an internship that fits with your career interests and goals, but also be open to new opportunities. If you are flexible with your preferences, you are more likely to have a rewarding experience. Try to think outside the box – even if the opportunity is not called an “internship,” it may still be a good fit.

Below are resources to search for internship openings. If you need more guidance, contact COBE Career Services by emailing or calling (208) 426-3862. Our staff can assist in your internship search. You can also visit Boise State’s main Career Center for more online information on how to find, apply, and register for internships.

International Student Information

To complete an internship in the United States, international students will need to fill out a Curricular Practical Training Form (CPT). Learn more about CPTs and internship regulations through the International Student and Scholar Services office. Please contact Ruth Prince by emailing or calling 208-426-3720 with any questions.

Need help translating your resume? Reach out to the Intensive English Program or the World Languages department.

Other Experiential Learning Opportunities

Not all internships are listed! Look for unique and highly collaborative experiential learning opportunities using the campus resources listed below.

Venture Capital.Org Logo

COBE Funding Accelerator

As an intern with the COBE Funding Accelerator, you will gain a practical understanding of how businesses strategically align their value propositions to attract investment capital. You may also act as an Investor Liaison, exposing you to emerging executives, institutional and angel investors, service providers, and the nuances of business commercialization.

Seniors and graduate students preferred. Learn how you can intern with the COBE Funding Accelerator or contact John Williamson directly by emailing or calling (208) 426-3020.

Work U

Work U is an innovative experiential education initiative that resides in the main Boise State Career Center. This program builds professional experience, skills, and networking into your education. Work U matches you with an employer, mentor, and project that fit your goals and career path.

As a COBE student, Work U can help add valuable business experience to your resume. With Work U, you’ll gain the skills and confidence necessary for initial success in any industry. Explore Work U opportunities to find out how you can join their program.

Venture Labs and Internship Teams

Students working in the Venture College lounge

Boise State’s Venture College offers the opportunity for students to work together in internship teams at their downtown campus location. Internship teams work on a wide variety of projects from Boise-based startups and businesses.

In true entrepreneurial spirit, students on internship teams collaborate with peers to learn news skills, solve complex problems, and offer innovative services. Learn how you can join an internship team or work in the Venture Labs here. Or email directly to inquire about current projects.