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COBE Internship Information

Internship Basics

Internships are ideal opportunities to develop the skills you have learned in a professional setting. Internships offer a lot more than an addition to your resume. You will walk away from an internship having gained hands-on experience, networking opportunities, and the chance to explore different career paths.

Please note! The deadline to register in academic credit for a fall internship is September 28, 2018. All applications and approvals must be complete by this date.

Finding an Internship

We encourage you to look for an internship that fits with your career interests, but also be open to new opportunities. If you are flexible with your position and company preferences, you are more likely to have a rewarding experience. Try to think outside the box. Even if the opportunity is not called an “internship,” it may still have applicable experience and be a wonderful addition to your resume.

Below are resources to search for internship openings. If you need more guidance, contact Career Services by emailing or calling (208) 426-3862.

Applying for Academic Credit

You can earn academic credit for your internship in the subject that best aligns with your internship duties. Registration for academic credit is subject to approval by the department internship coordinator.

It is important to connect with the appropriate department internship coordinator since some departments have specific student requirements for internship registration. These requirements might include GPA, completion of prerequisites, or attaining junior/senior status.

To get started, reach out to the appropriate COBE Internship Coordinator listed in the table below.

Internship Coordinators by Department

AccountancyFred 426-1472
Information Technology ManagementJohn 426-2483
International BusinessSusan 426-3070
EconomicsChris 426-1468
FinanceGarrett 426-2713
Management: Human Resources, General Business, EntrepreneurshipGundars 426-4014
MarketingDavid 426-1514
Supply Chain ManagementRegis 426-2949

Application Process

Once you have found an internship and connected with the department coordinator, you will need to complete the following application steps to apply for academic credit.

  1. Log into your myBoiseState account.
  2. Start your electronic application by clicking the plus (+) sign next to “Internship Application for Academic Credit” on the left hand side of the application page.
  3. Fill out the application with as much detail as you are able.
  4. Submit!

After you submit, the department internship coordinator will review your application for approval. Your organization’s supervisor will also need to review and approve your application. They will both receive an email notification requesting their approval. After approval, the Registrar’s Office will added your internship to your class schedule.

Required Online Orientation

When logged into the internship application system, you will have access to the Online Internship Orientation. This orientation consists of a required video workshop and quiz. To access the workshop and quiz, click on “Internship Application for Academic Credit” on the left hand side of the application page and hit the plus (+) sign.

Important Financial Aid Information

Internship credit is billed st the same rate as academic credit, depending upon your part-time or full-time status. Be aware that there is a deadline to have your application submitted and approved if you plan to use internship credits toward Financial Aid Eligibility. That deadline is noon on the 10th day of classes during the semester of your internship.

Visit the Boise State Career Center for more information on How to Find, Apply, and Register for Internships.