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COBE Internship Information

The deadline to register for academic credit for a summer internship and have all approvals complete is June 25, 2018

Internships are an exceptional opportunity for students to develop the skills they have learned in the classroom and practice them in a professional, workplace setting. Besides, looking good on a resume, internships offer real world experience, networking opportunities, the chance to explore a career and possibly establish a career foundation.

Finding an Internship

Look for an internship that most closely meets your career interests. The more open and flexible you are in the position and company, the more likely you are to find a job. Here are some great places to search for internship openings:

Think outside the box – if it’s not officially called an “internship” but it is a job with hands-on, applicable experience it may still be a wonderful addition to your resume and you may be able to get academic credit for it.

If you need more guidance on finding an internship, contact Career Services:

  • (208) 426-3862

Getting Academic Credit for your Internship

Registration for internships is subject to approval by Boise State department internship coordinators. Some departments have specific requirements students must fulfill before they can register for an internship. These might include GPA requirements, completion of certain prerequisites,  or attaining junior or senior status. Please find our Internship Coordinators listed below.

Note to Students

Internship credit is considered academic credit and will be billed as such depending upon your part- or full-time status during the semester you are participating in the internship.

Important Financial Aid Information

If you need your internship credits to fulfill your Financial Aid Eligibility please be aware that you must have your internship application submitted and all approvals complete by noon on the 10th day of classes.

Once you have identified an internship, this system allows you to complete and submit your application form electronically. Please click on the Internship Application for Academic Credit on the left hand side of the page and hit the plus (+) sign to create your application. The application will be routed to the department internship coordinator for approval. Once approved, it will then be routed to your organization supervisor. Once all approvals have been received online, it will be routed to the Registrar’s Office and the approved internship course will be added to your list class schedule in BroncoWeb.

Required Online Orientation Workshop and Quiz

Logging on to this system will also provide you with access to the On-Line Internship Workshop. Please click on the Internship Application for Academic Credit on the left hand side of the page and hit the plus (+) sign to view the Online Internship Workshop and take the quiz. This workshop and quiz is required for all students participating in an internship for academic credit.

More information on How to Find, Apply, and Register for Internships 

Current Internship Coordinators by department:


Fred Christensen
See accountancy internship information here.

International Business

Susan Park


Don Holley

See economics internship information here.


Garrett McBrayer

See finance internship information here.


David Hunt
See marketing internship information here.

Supply Chain Management

Regis Terpend
See supply chain management internship information here.