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Mock Interviews

About Mock Interviews

We provide mock interviews to business-minded students and alumni. This service allows you to practice and improve interview skills with a COBE career advisor. During a mock interview, you will receive feedback and coaching on your interview skills. Whether you’re fulfilling a class assignment or preparing for your next job search, mock interviews are the perfect opportunity to sharpen your skills.

What to Expect

Mock interviews last 30 minutes and we can tailor them to your needs. Overall, your interviewer will be looking for the following criteria — dress, body language, responses (concise, clear, provide examples), questions prepared by you for the interviewer. We offer two different styles of mock interviews – formal (a dress rehearsal, during which we ask all questions in-character) or informal (a coaching session, during which we talk you through each question).

How to Sign Up

To sign up call (208) 426-3862, email, or visit MBEB 1120. Please note, we need at least 1 business day to schedule. Slots fill up fast close to the end of the semester, so sign up early!

Before your interview, it is helpful to provide us with additional information about yourself and what you are hoping to gain from the experience. We suggest emailing the below information to us prior to your interview.


  • Major/program
  • Class standing
  • Days and times that work with your schedule – Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Your Interview

  • Style of interview – formal or informal
  • Skill-set you want to focus on – e.g. leadership, communication, “get to know you” questions, etc.
  • If this if for a class assignment, which class and instructor?
  • Mode – in-person or video chat

How to Prepare

Here are a few steps you can take to prepare for your mock interview.

1. Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses

Glance over your resume and prepare an “about me” pitch. Think about what strengths you have that you want to highlight during your interview. Also consider what weaknesses you have struggled with and how you will address those if asked.

2. Anticipate questions that will be asked

Are you applying to a specific job or improving a certain skill-set? Review the job posting or look over the aspects of that skill-set. Then think about possible questions that might be asked for that job or skill-set. How will you respond, what examples or stories can you share?

3. Pick out what you’ll wear

Depending on the style of your mock interview, it helps to present yourself professionally. Here are some insider tips on dressing for an interview.

4. Brainstorm questions to ask the interviewer

Every interview is a two way street. During your mock interview you will want to practice asking hiring managers questions of your own. Here are some ideas for questions.