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5 Reasons to Visit COBE Careers

According to the annual Gallup-Purdue Index Report, graduates who visited the university’s career center were most likely to be employed full time after college than those students who did not visit¹. Here are five reasons why you should make an appointment with COBE Career Services to talk to an advisor.

1. Discover career opportunities within your major

Maybe you’ve decided on a major, but you’re not sure what you want to do after graduation. Explore your career options with a career advisor! We can help you evaluate a variety of factors including salary, job growth rates, and more.

2. Build your resume and cover letter

Dust off that resume and bring it into Career Services. Need to tailor your cover letter to a specific internship or job posting? We can help with that too. We can provide detailed feedback on your job application materials to help put your best foot forward.

3. Participate in networking events and mentorship programs

Did you know that most of the jobs out there aren’t advertised? Building a professional network is essential. We host networking events throughout the academic year – designed with COBE students in mind. Meet alumni and professionals who can help you expand your network. In Career Services, we cultivate strong relationships with the business-focused companies and organizations, and can help you get connected.

Visit our Career Workshops and Events page to see upcoming networking opportunities.

Want to network with other students in your major? Join a student organization. We work alongside student organizations to support relevant programming. At Career Services, we provide direct referrals to these opportunities.

4. Practice and prepare for interviews

Prepare for your upcoming interview with a dry run. Don’t just wing it – we can offer you valuable feedback and tips during a mock interview.

5. Find internships and jobs

We work with employers to build internships and identify job opportunities for our students. Internships and jobs are a great way to develop skills and expand your professional connections. For a list of paid internship opportunities or other unique jobs visit the COBE Internship Board. For more internship and employment opportunities visit Handshake.

Make an appointment with Career Services here.

¹ "Looking for Career Help." Jake New. Inside Higher Ed. Dec. 13 2016