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MBA Student Mentored Engineering and Entrepreneurship Teams in Design Thinking

The MBA class prestationsMBA Mentoring Program wrapped up last week at a night of live presentations and videos of elevator pitches. In live presentations, MBA student teams talked about their mentoring experience, what they learned and how they helped teams from Lynn Catlin’s Boise State engineering (COEN) design class and Coventry University entrepreneurship and design students from England taught by Pete McLuskie, Ph.D.  After each MBA team presented, the elevator pitch video was played.

MBA students mentored their assigned teams in design thinking strategies and help the teams produce elevator pitches. Products that were pitched by the engineering and entrepreneurship and design students ranged from a bike trailer that scans license plates to a food delivery service to a go-cart track.

Catlin, engineering instructor and MBA student, commented at the start of the presentations.

mba class presentations“Bringing in Design Thinking and business-related elements into a classic engineering design class is worthy the effort. We are trying it, we are excited about it and where it might go.”

Christy Suciu, Catlin and McLuskie made this project happen.

“We are pioneering new programs across colleges and internationally…and they are working!” said Suciu.

After the presentations, McLuskie thanked Boise State via email.

“The presentations went very well …,” said McLuskie. “The students unanimously loved it and found it really useful and want more! So a big thank you for making this happen. …Pass on a word of thanks from me to your students and let them know there are a bunch of very grateful students over here [England] who found the experience both fun and valuable.”

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