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Tech2Market/TechPush Pilot Presentations

graduate students presenting The Tech2Market/TechPush pilot held final presentations in December. The pilot program was a good first step to exploring key elements of how Boise State University can accelerate the pace and value of the technologies that can be commercialized from its research labs. Three teams participated in the pilot. Key stakeholders from Boise State and the private sector were in attendance at the presentation event to observe and interact with the presenting teams.

Of the three teams, the Flexible Biosensor team was able to validate the fit between the solution they intend to deliver and the targeted customer segment (validation of Product-Market Fit). The other two teams explored several customer segments and have honed in on one specific target customer for their technologies. The Battery Team will continue discussions with advanced battery manufacturers to test their Value Proposition around lower cost and higher capacity. The Smart Antenna team will continue to explore conversations with leaders in the telecommunications industry that are driving towards solutions around wireless 5G and the Internet of Things. The final presentations marked the end of the pilot, but some members of each team will continue with the commercialization process.

graduate students presenting report

Katy Ritter, director and technology transfer officer in the Division of Research and Economic Development, attended the presentations.

“The Tech2Market/TechPush pilot program is a fitting complement to the institution’s entrepreneurial efforts,” Ritter said.  It exemplifies our key objectives of creating inclusive, interdisciplinary teams to accelerate the commercialization of new technologies, products and processes that arise from the university’s research.”

Paul Copperidder, Technology Commercialization Program director for Idaho Small Business Development Center, is planning more projects.

“We are also looking to review our process and gain from lessons learned, with the goal of launching another round in the fall of 2018.”

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