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Award Received and Papers Published by Professor Shikhar Sarin

Shikhar SarinShikhar Sarin, a professor in the Department of Marketing, with co-authors Stacey Malek, David Gotteland and Christophe Haon won the Best Paper Award in the Innovation and New Product Development Track at the American Marketing Association Educator’s Conference in San Francisco, Calif. in 2017.

The paper “Extrinsic Rewards, Intrinsic Motivation and New Product Development Performance,” examines the effect of various forms of extrinsic rewards on the intrinsic motivation, innovation and product quality.

Previous research and anecdotal evidence suggests that reward structures can have a significant impact on the performance of innovation and new product development teams. However, their effect is complicated and little understood.  Drawing upon Self Determination Theory, this study employs a mixed method approach. Based on multiple rounds of data collected from 246 members of 64 new product teams in the high-tech industry the authors distinguish between various forms of extrinsic rewards (i.e., financial, recognition, and social).

In addition to the Best Paper Award, Sarin has had several papers accepted for publication in the last few months which are forthcoming in 2018.

Published in the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, “Sales Management Controls Systems: Review, Synthesis, and Directions for Future Exploration” was co-authored by Sarin, Stacey Malek and Bernard Jaworski. Sales Management Control Systems (SMCS) are designed to align salespeople’s activities and actions with organizational objectives. This article reviews and synthesizes over fifty SMCS articles published in sales, marketing and management journals over the last thirty years. It develops a comprehensive conceptual framework to classify prior research into digestible categories.

Sarin, Christophe Haon and Mustapha Belkhouja co-authored the article “A Bibliometric Analysis of the Knowledge Exchange Patterns between Major Technology and Innovation Management Journals (1999 – 2013),” It was published in the Journal of Product Innovation Management. Based on an analysis of bibliometric data of 29,776 citations from 4,171 articles published in the top six technology and innovation management journals, this essay takes a longitudinal look at the citation flows patterns between the top dedicated TIM journals from 1999-2013.

Anthony DiBenedetto, Sarin, Belkhouja and Haon worked together on the “Patterns of Knowledge Outflow from Industrial Marketing Management to Major Marketing and Specialized Journals (1999-2013): A Citation Analysis,” published in the journal Industrial Marketing Management. This study examines the impact of Industrial Marketing Management (IMM) on major marketing journals, and journals focusing on industrial/business-to-business marketing from 1993-2013, based on an analysis of 436,943 citations from 8767 articles published during this period.

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