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Cristina Bailey Won KPMG Best Paper Award

Cristina Bailey

Cristina Bailey’s paper “Watching the Glass Ceiling: An Investigation of Financial Presentation Modality and Gender Bias” won the 2017 KPMG Best Paper Award in the American Accounting Association’s Gender Issues and Work life Balance Section. Coauthors are Steve Buchheit, University  of Alabama, and Kevin Kim, University of Memphis.

“In our paper we investigate how presentation modality (text vs. video) and executive gender influence investor perceptions of management competence and the future performance potential of that executive’s company,” explains Cristina. “We find that video financial reports that are male-delivered enhance participant views of CEO competence while female-delivered reports do not. In addition, male-led firms have expectations of enhanced future company performance that are only partially mediated by views of CEO competence. Our findings provide a potential explanation for gender bias at the business executive level: holding all else equal, only males enjoy the benefit of ‘being visible’.”

Cristina Bailey joined the COBE faculty fall of 2017. She is an assistant professor in the Department of Accountancy.

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