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New COBE Alumni Chapter Officers

Officially chartered in 2016, the COBE Alumni Chapter’s mission is to focus on service to the current students of the College of Business and Economics. We partner with COBE Career Services to identify areas that they believe will be most advantageous to students. The chapter is also designed to be a member networking group. We have, at a minimum, an annual social gathering to engage any and all College of Business and Economics graduates, alumni and friends and students. This event is designed for our member base to network with each other, as well as help attending students learn the ins and outs of networking.

The officers for the chapter, whose positions start June 1 are:

  • President: Zach Bethel—Class of 2008
  • Vice President: Rod Gould—Class of 1992
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Shannon Stith—Class of 2001 and 2002

At-Large Members:

  • Scott Blades—Class of 2014
  • Nicole Brown—Class of 1998 & 2013
  • Dave Haworth—Class of 1988
  • Lance Millington—Class of 1993
  • Randal Smith—Class of 1986
  • Student at Large—vacant

If you would like more information on the COBE Alumni Chapter or to get involved, please visit our site:


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