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College of Business and Economics News

Mar. 31: COBE Scholarship Series

COBE Research Share Day

Presenters from COBE faculty will share their recent research projects.

Noon-1:30 p.m.

Friday, March 31

MBEB 4003

Each faculty will have a few minutes to quickly introduce their research programs and ideas. After the presentations, participants and guests will have opportunities to interact, discuss ideas and ask questions. Everyone is welcome. Light appetizers will be served.

The presenters and the title of their research topics are:

  • Shikhar Sarin “Informal Controls in Marketing:  A Typology and Effects on Organizational Engagement”
  • Jim Kroes “An Exploration of ‘Sticky’ Inventory Management in the Manufacturing Industry”
  • Christie Fuller “The Role of Marker Variables in Experimental Conditions of Common Method Variance”
  • Jack Marr “Clusters in the Wilderness”
  • Matt Castel “Hospital focus: An examination of its antecedents, complementarities, synergies, and effects on Triple Aim hospital performance outcomes”
  • Garrett McBrayer “CEO Age and ESG Disclosure: ‘Who confesses and why?”
  • Kelly Chen “Unequal Opportunities and Public Policy: The Impact of Parental Disability Benefits on Child Post-Secondary Attendance”
  • Dimitra Papadovasilaki “The Effect of Early & Salient Experiences on Subsequent Investment Behavior: An Experimental Study”
  • David Hunt “Segmenting Audiences for Health Risk Messages”
  • Ruth Jebe “Why Can’t We be Friends?   SASB, the SEC, and the Co-regulation of Corporate Financial Reporting”
  • Michail Fragkias “Estimating metropolitan economic output using Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite sensors”
  • Susan Park “An Exploration of Locational Privacy Rights”
  • Jan Stephens “Development of Internet of Things-Related Monitoring Policies”
  • Samia Islam “Post-recession Recovery and Well-being in the US: A Closer Look at the Opioid Epidemic”


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