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Kirk and Marsha Smith Scholarship Recipients Express Gratitude to Scholarship Donors at Annual Breakfast

image Kirk and Marsha Smith scholarship recipients Boise State UniversityRecently the College of Business and Economics (COBE) hosted a breakfast in gratitude for the Smiths and in honor of the recipients of the Kirk and Marsha Smith Scholarship. The scholarship is offered to junior, senior and graduate students in the COBE for up to $5,000 a year. This year, the awardees are Said Barrero, Emily Border, Jesse Curtis, Christopher Daigle, Andrew Dambi, Emmanuel Eze, Karla Gonzalez, Paulina Gudgell, Jacob Nitu, Nicolette Roper and Alexa Wheeler. The students represented a wide range of majors within the college, including accounting, economics, MBA, supply chain and more. The student diversity was also a distinguished and memorable part of the event.

This annual breakfast offers a chance for the Smiths to meet the students that are greatly benefiting from the couple’s generosity. In addition, this event gives the students a chance to express their utmost appreciation and thanks for this award. Emily Border, a first-time scholarship recipient, described the experience in this way:

“The breakfast with Kirk Smith was incredibly heartwarming. Ten COBE students took turns sharing the ways this scholarship has helped improve their academic journey. I was deeply grateful for the experience and opportunity to thank Kirk in-person for investing in my future.”

Kirk Smith has generously of his time as well as financially to Boise State University. Recognized as a 2010 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, he was a member of the advisory council for COBE and serves on the board of the Boise State University Foundation. His commitment to students in higher education was evident to all the recipients of his scholarship award who attended.

Future recipients of this tremendous scholarship have a real treat to look forward to in coming semesters.


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