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College of Business and Economics News and Events

Professor Cowan Wins Teaching Award

Mark Cowan, Associate Professor of Accountancy, is the recipient of the Foundation Scholars Teaching Award that celebrates a faculty member who has made a difference in the classroom by engaging students and promoting learning. The selection committee highlighted several of Professor Cowan’s accomplishments by noting that “He clearly cares that students leave his own and other classrooms with the knowledge to succeed in their careers and in life; he strikes a balance between theory and applied knowledge, integrating experiential learning with a solid foundation in the underlying structure of his discipline; and, in the true spirit of a teacher-scholar, he inspires students’ commitment to continued learning by linking discovery, exploration, and understanding.”

University Foundation Scholar Awards honor faculty members of Boise State University who have demonstrated ongoing commitment, expertise, and accomplishments in teaching, research/creative activity, or professionally related service. The Office of the Provost, together with the University Foundation, is pleased to announce the 2011 Foundation Scholar Award recipients Mark Cowan, Martin Corless-Smith, and Jim Girvan.

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