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Beta Alpha Psi Meeting Etiquette

Beta Alpha Psi 1919 logoThis guide is for those who may be new to Beta Alpha Psi or those who may just need a refresher. We are a professional organization we hold ourselves to a high standard.


Early is on time, on time is late, and being late is unacceptable. There are always understandable exceptions, but our meetings are scheduled months ahead, so none of dates or times should catch you off guard. In the case that something does come up, please enter as quietly as possible and sit in the back row. Similarly, if you
need to leave for a 6pm class, please sit near the back and leave quietly, as to not disrupt our guest speakers.

Cell Phones

Please approach meetings like an interview. Turn your phone off completely — not to vibrate. If you are waiting for a special call you can’t miss, or in an emergency situation, please sit near the back and keep your phone in-hand and on silent (no vibration). Silence your phone so that you can see the incoming call. If you do receive a call, leave the meeting quietly before answering and return the same way.

Dress Code: Business Casual

Men: Always wear a collared shirt, button up shirts are preferred but not required, so polos are acceptable. Slacks only, no denim or shorts. First appearances matter so the nicer you look the better. The banquet at the end of the semester is business formal so a jacket or blazer of some kind is required along with a tie.

Women: Trousers, skirt, or a conservative dress are all acceptable options. Skirts and dresses should be of a reasonable length — no miniskirts. Low cut or see-through blouses are not acceptable. Shoulders should be covered. Shoes should cover the toes though. Peep-toe type pumps are acceptable but no strappy heels. Under no circumstances should you wear sandals or flip-flops. Dress boots are OK (no slouchy, slip-on, military or hiking type boots). Nylons or tights are encouraged and are expected under more formal situations such as the Spring Banquet.

Keep in mind that the accounting and finance industry is one of the most conservative business environments. You want to be noticed for your intelligence and skills not because of your clothing. Volunteer functions do not have a preset requirement so dress comfortably, and for the outdoor activities dress warm. This reminder is sent with your best interest at heart. In the fall, you will likely be interviewing with many of the professionals that attend our meetings. As a courtesy to them for taking their valuable time to participate in our meetings and your own future, dress for success!