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Radical Readings

Taking Political Economy Seriously

Buchanan, “Equality as Fact and Norm

Buchanan, “Politics, Policy, and Pigovian Margins

Cooperation and Morality

Hayek, “The Use of Knowledge in Society

The Labor Theory of Value and the “Socialist Tradition”

Smith, Wealth of Nations, Book I, ch. V – VIII

Ricardo, Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, ch. 1 and 5

Hodgskin, Labour Defended Against the Claims of Capital


Marx, “On the Jewish Question

Marx, “Private Property and Communism”

Marx and Engels, “Manifesto of the Communist Party”

Marx, “Primitive Accumulation,” Part VIII, Capital, Volume I, ch. 26 -32

Marx, Wage-Labour and Capital

Marx, Value, Price and Profit

Anarchist Economics

Tucker, “State Socialism and Anarchism” (or ch. 2 in Chartier and Johnson, Markets, Not Capitalism)

Carson, Studies in Mutualist Political Economy, ch. 2, 5, 6

Johnson, “Markets Freed from Capitalism,” in Chartier and Johnson, Markets, Not Capitalism, ch. 4

The Economic Analysis of Anarchism

Powell and Stringham, “Public choice and the economic analysis of anarchy: a survey