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Fall 2013: Radical Economics

ECON 325-001 Radical Economics

12 noon – 1:15 pm, Tuesday-Thursday, MBEB 1106

Classroom Conduct and Expectations
Good Students Rule (Bryan Caplan)
Term Paper Grading
How to Get An “A” in Class Participation
Novels for Heterodox Political Economy Paper

Required Texts:

MarxHayekUtopia marx book cover anarchism book cover
anarchy and the law book cover against the state book cover
Chris Matthew Sciabarra, Marx, Hayek, and Utopia, 1995
Peter Singer, Marx: A Very Short Introduction, 2001
Colin Ward, Anarchism: A Very Short Introduction, 2004
Edward Stringham, ed., Anarchy and the Law: The Political Economy of Choice, 2007
Crispin Sartwell, Against the State, 2008