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ECON-305 First Day Fall 2009

ECON-305 First Day Fall 2009

For students who are thinking of adding my course but have been dissuaded because the registration system shows that it is closed, please email me at If there is enough physical room (and physical room exceeds the course enrollment limit) I will give you a permission number to get into class.

We will be doing more than just going over the syllabus on the first day – I expect you to be ready to engage in some discussion. If you haven’t accessed your BroncoMail account and read the email I sent earlier this week, here is the information you need to be prepared the first day.  We will be discussing the current state of macroeconomics in general terms, using the Economist articles as a background:

The state of economics: the other-worldly philosophers

What Went Wrong with economics.

Efficiency and Beyond

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