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What is the Next Big Step?

On January 30, 2014, the Department of Accountancy announced its vision to become a School of Accountancy. This represents the single biggest initiative to advance the department since its creation in 1967. We have accomplished some amazing things in our first 50 years. We want to build on that foundation so we will be positioned to achieve another 50 years of excellence.

We would be the first School of Accountancy in the state of Idaho and only the second one in the Northwest (the other is the University of Oregon). There are approximately 40 Schools of Accountancy across the country.

Why Create a School of Accountancy?

View of MBEB building front and blue sky aboveA School of Accountancy within the College of Business & Economics at Boise State University makes strategic sense because (1) we are the largest accounting program in the state; (2) we are located in Boise, the center of commerce and government in the state; (3) we have the only Masters in Taxation program in the state; and (4) we have the only concurrent Masters in Taxation and J.D. degree (with the University of Idaho College of Law) in the state.

Becoming a School of Accountancy will help us to expand and enhance our academic programs, faculty research, and professional outreach.

What Can We Achieve as a School of Accountancy?

  • Recruit and retain high-quality faculty in an increasingly competitive environment among accounting programs in the region. We face a looming schedule of retirements among our tenure-track faculty members. When we recruit new faculty, our offer is often $20,000 below what our peers can offer. Our goal is to create professorships and other incentives to be able to reward excellence in teaching, research, and community and professional outreach.
  • Recruit and retain the best and the brightest students who make college choices based on the stature of the program and the scholarships that are available. Between our undergraduate and graduate programs, we graduate about 160 students per year; however, the department was only able to award 38 scholarships this year. The annual cost of tuition is approximately $6,300 for undergraduate students and $7,400 for graduate students; however, our average scholarship award this year was only $1,375. Our goal is to increase the number and size of our scholarships so that our average scholarship award would be equal to half-tuition.
  • Increase and strengthen our connections with the business community. Our goal is to sponsor an annual speaker series that will allow us to invite nationally-known experts to campus to share their knowledge and experience with our faculty and Treasure Valley professionals. These events would provide a structured opportunity for our faculty to interact with professionals and bring best practices and current thinking back into the classroom.

How Can You Help?

State support continues to be stagnant, making program innovations very difficult. To create a School of Accountancy, we seek to establish an endowment that can fund the additions we need to our current budget. Below is a sample of the types of giving we will need to establish the endowment and fully fund our vision.

NeedEndowmentAnnual Distribution
Named School of Accountancy$5,000,000$200,000
Accountancy Endowment
Program Support & Enhancements
(100 gifts of $10,000 each)
Named Endowed Faculty Support:
Endowed Professorship
Endowed Chair


Named Endowed Scholarship/Fellowship:
Dean's Scholarship/Fellowship
Presidential Scholarship/Fellowship


Gifts of all sizes make a difference and giving may be easier than you realize. We need you to help us achieve our goal. First, you can pledge to make your donation over a period of up to five years.  Second, for Idaho residents, the state of Idaho provides a 50% tax credit on educational donations of up to $1,000 per year. Although individual tax circumstances vary, if a single person who itemizes their taxes and is in the 25% marginal tax bracket, gives $1,000 to Boise State University, the net cost of the gift is just under $200. These amounts are doubled for married individuals who file a joint return.

This vision cannot be achieved without the support of our alumni and other friends. If you would like to be a part of this historic effort, please consider contributing financially.

Click Here to Make a Gift to COBE Programs

Want to Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about our vision of becoming a School of Accountancy and how you can help, please contact:

Troy Hyatt, Chair of the Department of Accountancy
By phone: 208-426-3412
By email:

Thank you, and GO BRONCOS!