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Mentor Spotlight

Monica Sander Portrait

Monica Sander is a junior in the accountancy program at Boise State University and will complete her degree in the fall of 2017. During the fall semester of 2015, she learned about the mentorship program that the Accountancy department offers to students every year. This program is designed to pair students with various professionals in the valley to educate them on the industry and the different career paths available to students with accounting degrees. When Monica heard of the program, she was eager for an opportunity to interact with accounting professionals in a more casual environment than what she had experienced in Beta Alpha Psi.

After applying to the mentoring program, Monica was paired with two professionals from Eide Bailly, LLP. The two professionals included her in office social events, such as a Stampede Game, and also helped her with resume review and networking. She describes the experience as informal, but enjoyed that aspect of it because it took some of the pressure of networking off of her shoulders and allowed her to develop her professional skills more comfortably.

Having enjoyed her experience with the mentorship program the first year, Monica applied for the program again this 2016 fall semester. This year she was paired with a professional from KPMG, LLP. While this year’s mentorship experience is still fairly new, she describes it as being just as beneficial as the first year.

When asked what she felt was the best aspect of the mentorship program as a whole, she said she really enjoyed the chance for professional development in a more casual setting. She likes the opportunity to interact with professionals, gain feedback, and learn more about the industry without the pressures that networking sometimes can bring. She recommends the program to any accounting student wanting to learn more about the industry or to those who want to begin expanding their networks with the many successful accounting professionals in the Treasure Valley.

Mentoring Program Participants

The Accountancy Department has an outstanding mentoring program. This year 24 students participated. Thank you to the generous professionals who make this program the success that it is today!

Mentoring professionals include:

  • Ryan Marquez, Deloitte Tax
  • Brittany Strang, Deloitte Tax
  • Amanda Lipetzky, Eide Bailly Audit
  • Kiley MacDonald, Eide Bailly Audit
  • Austin Floge, Eide Bailly Audit
  • Kristin O’Connor, Eide Bailly Audit
  • Chris Matika, Eide Bailly Audit
  • Kayla Kormylo, Eide Bailly Tax
  • Zach Bolen, Eide Bailly Tax
  • Alexis Baeyen, Eide Bailly Tax
  • Heidi Carey, Eide Bailly Tax
  • Kim Nelson, Eide Bailly Tax
  • Orrin Cellan, Eide Bailly Tax
  • Kristi Halford, Harris CPAs
  • Jake Emery, Harris CPAs
  • Josh Tyree, Harris CPAs
  • Adam Braden, KPMG
  • Greg Puccetti, KPMG
  • Andrei Cornell, KPMG
  • Boyd Woodward, Little Morris
  • Danny Popadics, Little Morris
  • Dillon Simpson, Little Morris
  • Phillip Matos, Ripley Doorn & Company
  • Connie Murphey, Butler Murphey CPA
  • David Cowles, PwC

Participating students include:

  • Amy Bennett
  • Kamal Rizal
  • Tim Erren
  • Gina Lyman
  • Brandi Koberlein
  • Kimber Dunaway
  • Caity Jones
  • Verankia Kolar
  • Elizabeth Roper
  • Junlin Huang
  • Stephanie Voit
  • Meghan Martin
  • Timothy Wall
  • Marissa Thompson
  • Logan Holsclaw
  • Austin Skogsberg
  • Neha Raja Badarinath
  • Monica Sander
  • Ashley Rice
  • Jeywan Tolangi
  • Michael Gleason
  • Justin Allen
  • Cody Perryman
  • Cindy Peterson

Advisory Council Profile: Scott Klitsch

Scott Klitsch PortraitScott Klitsch grew up in the Midwest and earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Accounting at the University of Notre Dame. He completed an internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Chicago before entering into his master’s program, securing a full-time position in the Chicago office upon graduation. He worked in the Financial Institutions Group for seven years working primarily with banks, broker dealers, and investment companies. Upon his promotion to manager, he decided he was ready to make a big career change and find a better work life balance for himself. He fell in love with Boise and began working at CliftonLarsonAllen for their audit practice in 2011.

Over the last five years, Scott has found ways to apply his SEC knowledge to his career at CLA, moving his way into the National Assurance Technical Group. In 2015, he was advanced to Principal in Financial Institutions for the firm. He now primarily works on assurance services through second reviews and technical consultations, and assists in making decisions related to engagement acceptance for higher risk clients.

Outside of his work at CLA, Scott serves as the treasurer for the Boise Bicycle Project. He got involved about four years ago as a volunteer once or twice a week. When asked to join the Board, he was excited to be able to give back by doing something he’s good at. He mainly helps the group with their accounting and payroll and says he still, “likes to wrench on bikes when I can.”

When asked what drew him to accounting, he said that he always thought he would end up in finance or management information systems. After taking his first accounting class he found that he enjoyed it and was really good at it. He discovered that the career opportunities were tremendous in accounting and could allow him to do almost anything or live anywhere he wanted. He liked the opportunities the industry presented. He says that for any current accounting student, he would tell them to find the aspect of accounting that they are passionate about. He suggests finding the right industry that makes you excited, and to not just go into public accounting because you think it is the “right” or “only” option. He encourages students to find the career path that will make them happy, and owning it!

Recap: 3rd Annual Gem State Tax Symposium

Gem State Tax Symposium LectureThe 3rd Annual Gem State Tax Symposium hosted over 100 professionals in the business community, providing insight into various areas of tax practice. Held on June 3, 2016 at Boise State University, the event provided those in attendance with the opportunity to earn up to 9 CPE credits or up to 7.5 CLE credits.  In order to better serve the needs of professionals at all levels of tax experience, the breakout sessions were designated as Basic, Advanced, or Special Topics. Some of the topics covered were tax controversies, identity theft, private foundations, and state and local issues. The event also featured plenary sessions with national speakers including Dr. John Mitchell, former Chief Economist for US Bancorp and past Boise State economics professor; Scott Schielfelbein, a state and local tax expert from Deloitte-National; and Rohit Kumar, a tax policy expert and former advisor to the Republican leadership in U.S. Senate, from PwC-National. The proceeds provided scholarships to graduate students. More details about the event are available online at

The Beta Beat: Financial Literacy Program

Beta Alpha Psi members teaching at the Financial Literacy ProgramBeta Alpha Psi and PwC teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club in the spring of 2016 to teach a Financial Literacy curriculum to interested high school students. The curriculum covered topics such as how to save for college, the importance of budgeting, and fraud prevention. The high school students had the opportunity to travel to Boise State University campus and take a tour of the College of Business and Economics before class sessions began. A large majority of the officers and members took on roles as instructors, organizers, and classroom supporters. The entire classroom was lively with conversation about pertinent topics that students, who are about to enter the world, are seldom exposed to in an academic setting. There were several factors that contributed to the success of this service activity.

First, the turnout for volunteers was high. BAP members took the issue of educating young people about their finances to heart and showed up ready to impart knowledge. Nick Duncan, an accountancy major and a player on the Boise State Men’s Basketball team, attended the event.  He spoke to the students about the importance of hard work and life-focus and how it translates into success. The students did not need to be told how critical it was for them to gain an understanding of money, how to utilize it properly, and how to track its flow. This natural grasp on the importance of personal finances easily captured the attention of the students.

The BAP members were encouraged to learn their curriculum thoroughly and supplement or change sections that needed to be modified for the benefit of this particular group of students. Some instructors decided to add short games, prize candy, and props to bolster the topics. The curriculum used was provided directly by PwC, complete with pre-tests, post-tests, and various hand-outs. PwC was present for both the rehearsal day and the classroom day to provide support, and oversee the progress and execution of the event

One specific highlight of the event was when the students were asked to write a short essay describing an important life goal they would like to achieve and what kind of concrete steps they will need to take in order to achieve it. This open-ended activity allowed the students to explore their expectations for the future, and what kind of work they may need to perform over time to arrive at their goal. Various prizes were handed out throughout the evening for this and other activities.  Prizes included a new backpack and one of Nick Duncan’s basketball jerseys. When asked about the event, BAP members say that it was a fulfilling experience to be able to make a difference in young lives before they leave home and take on the world after high school.

This installment of the Financial Literacy Program was such a success that BAP was invited by the Department of Early and Special Education at Boise State University to teach the program to students from the Prep Academy Special Education Program over three consecutive summers, beginning this past 2016 summer. The Financial Literacy class will be part of a week-long college demonstration where the high school students are housed on campus and attend various lessons. The aim is to get them excited to continue their education after high school. BAP is honored to be involved with educating young students and continuing to strengthen its ties with the Boise community.

New Faculty: Janet Mosebach (Joined in Fall 2016)

Janet Mosebach portrait

Janet Mosebach, Ph.D., joined Boise State University as an associate professor in the Fall of 2016.  Janet received her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Nevada at Reno, a master’s degree in taxation from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  She is a CPA (currently inactive) and spent 10 years working in public accounting for Plante & Moran (Ann Arbor, MI) and KPMG (Norfolk, VA) before getting her Ph.D.  She previously served on the faculty at the University of Arkansas, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of Akron, and the University of Toledo.

Janet is currently teaching tax at the undergraduate level and will be teaching tax at the graduate level in the spring.  She has received multiple teaching awards, including both the Beta Gamma Sigma Outstanding Teacher of the Year and Beta Alpha Psi Outstanding Faculty Member, among others.  Janet also does research in the tax area and has published articles in a variety of outlets, including the ATA Journal of Legal Tax Research, Public and Municipal Finance, Tax Notes, and State Tax Notes.  Her research has also been cited by the Congressional Research Service in its reports to the U.S. Congress.

Janet was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada but has lived all over the United States.  She is excited about being out west again, and currently lives in Boise with her husband, Michael, and their dog, Xena.  She enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling in her spare time.

2016-2017 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the students listed below who were awarded university and department scholarships during the 2016-2017 academic year!

  • Justin Allen
  • Angus Anderson
  • Raja Badarinath
  • Rebekah Calkins
  • Claire Cohen
  • Taylor Crawford
  • Victoria Delgado
  • Michelle Dimas
  • Kimber Dunaway
  • Hannah Edwards
  • Ethan Erickson
  • Tim Erren
  • Dani Evans
  • Emmanuel Eze
  • Shelby Feld
  • Alaina Geraty
  • Reagan Haldi
  • Keatan Hampton
  • Erdal Hanic
  • Jason Hendricks
  • Trish Hennie

  • Junlin Huang
  • Clancy Johnston
  • Jacob Jones
  • Andy Jozwik
  • Aram Kim
  • Chancey Knopp
  • NaYoung Lee
  • Cecilia Martinez
  • Delanie Miller
  • Michael Moreau
  • Deana Nassans
  • Austin Nelson
  • Mayra Ortega
  • Kamal Rizal
  • Kyle Ruesink
  • Cassie Runyan
  • Samantha Smith
  • Savannah Story
  • Parker Wallace
  • Nicole Wilson
  • Andrew Zarate

Congratulations to the 2016 CPA Exam Passers!

Congratulations to our Boise State University Accountancy Department graduates who have passed the Idaho CPA Exam in 2016!

January – February 2016

  • Hazen Armstrong
  • Alexandra Lee
  • Jacy Ross

April – May 2016

  • Bryan Brazil

July – August 2016

  • Mark Harris
  • David Hegstrom
  • Emily Hurley
  • Jeff Kidd
  • Kiley Macdonald
  • Burke Mcarthur
  • Kimberly Naaf
  • Colin Redifer
  • Wesley Squire
  • Megan Walker
  • Kelli Zemanek

Note: The above list was compiled based on publicly available information and is likely incomplete. When you pass the CPA exam please let us know so we can spread the news!

Student Spotlight: Emmanuel Eze

Emmaneul Eze Portrait

Emmanuel Eze, a student in the accountancy master program, is the recipient of an AICPA scholarship award for minority accounting students.

Originally from Nigeria, Emmanuel has spent the past six years in the United States, spending some time in Baltimore, Maryland, before heading to Boise. He attended college in his home country for a few years, but wanted to move to the U.S. to gain more opportunities. After moving to Baltimore and a chance encounter with someone familiar with Idaho, Emmanuel applied to Boise State University and has not looked back since.

“I came, and it’s been phenomenal!” exclaimed Eze, as he described being welcomed by the Boise community and being exposed to resources that were not available in Nigeria. Although originally a computer science major, he fell in love with accounting after taking a few classes and he wants to change some of the stereotypes surrounding the field. Emmanuel enjoys socializing with people and absorbing what they have to say, commenting “when you listen to someone’s story, you learn from them.” He wants to be able to take his interpersonal mindset and apply it to the structure and order of accounting.

He is the first person in his family to attend college, and pursuing a master’s degree after earning his undergraduate degree in accounting makes his story even more special. Although still a student, Emmanuel already has a job lined up at PricewaterhouseCoopers, a public accounting firm where he will be able to use his pursuit of becoming a CPA to eventually work toward earning the title of senior associate.

The scholarship requires participation in the AICPA Legacy Scholars program, which includes at least eight hours of service planning and hosting on-campus events to advocate for the CPA profession. This means that Emmanuel will become a voice to help other prospective students find their career paths and work toward a successful future.

The AICPA, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, is the world’s largest member association representing the accounting profession, and this scholarship program aims to help high-achieving minority accounting students pursue their education and ultimately become CPAs. This scholarship awarded 90 recipients up to $5,000 in 2016.

Written by: Sean Luster, MBA candidate

2016 Top Ten Scholar

Karla Gonzalez portrait

Karla Gonzalez, an accounting major graduating in Spring 2016 (also majoring in Spanish and finance), has been selected as a 2016 Top Ten Scholar. As explained on the Boise State University  website, the Top Ten Scholar Award is the highest academic honor granted to a Boise State University undergraduate student. Top Ten Scholars are the best of the best and serve as inspirations for their fellow students. To qualify for consideration, the student must have a 3.8 or higher grade point average and be nominated by their respective deans. Each student is then rigorously reviewed based on academic breadth of coursework, research, creative works and publications, presentations at professional meetings or conferences, and community and campus service.

During her time at Boise State, Karla has served in many leadership roles on campus. As a resident assistant for university housing, she was able to grow as an individual and as a professional as she helped first-year students adjust to university life. In addition, she helped to create a new club on campus called Traditional Multicultural Expressions. Karla also served on the College of Business and Economics Student Advisory Council and provided insights to improve the student experience.

Karla has been the recipient of several scholarships throughout her time at Boise State University, including the Kirk and Marsha Smith Scholarship, the Idaho Association of Public Accountants Scholarship, the AICPA Scholarship, the Roger A. Martell Scholarship, and the Hilda D. Elliot Accounting Scholarship. She is also a lifetime member of the honor societies of Beta Gama Sigma and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. As a first-generation student, Karla is a natural leader who loves to help others achieve their goals as she reaches for her own.