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Second Degree Checklists – Accountancy

Faculty member in front of class teaching from PowerPoint slides

Second Degree Requirements

If you have earned a baccalaureate degree, either at Boise State or elsewhere, you can earn a second degree. You must complete at least 30 additional credits at Boise State for each additional degree you wish to earn. As a second degree Accountancy student you must meet the course requirements for the major as well as those of the university. You can view a sample checklist of the required courses for a second degree in Accountancy on the COBE Advising website; however, you should submit a request to receive an official checklist prior to starting the program.

Ready to Start?

In order to determine what courses you need to complete, please submit a second degree checklist request. An advisor will then create a custom checklist that outlines the courses you will still need to complete for a BBA in Accountancy. Your previous degree credits do not transfer to Boise State. Instead, our advisors will evaluate those courses as prerequisites for courses required in your second degree.

You can find information about admission standards and required application materials on the Admissions Office website. You may request a checklist after you apply forĀ  Boise State admission. Once you’ve been admitted as a second degree accounting student, the Registrar’s Office will enter your requirements into the system. If you are not yet admitted to Boise State, please contact the department’s second degree advisors with questions. You can reach them at or (208)426-3859.

Click Here for the COBE 2nd Degree Checklist