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New Faculty: JoAnn Wood (Joined in Fall 2017)

JoAnn WoodJoAnn Wood is a lecturer of accountancy in the College of Business and Economics at Boise State University.  She received her undergraduate degree in Business/Marketing Education from Utah State University in Logan, Utah, and a master’s degree in Accountancy from Boise State University.  Previously, she has worked in several areas of the private sector, such as  manufacturing, real estate, law, service, and communication.

JoAnn currently teaches financial and cost accounting classes at the undergraduate and graduate level.  She also serves as a lead of the Professional Mentorship Program which introduces students to careers available in the Accounting industry.  She is looking forward to developing case studies that will help students have more real-life accounting experiences during their education.

JoAnn serves as the Treasurer for the Idaho Suzuki Association, a local non-profit organization that teaches kids to play the piano and strings instruments through listening, repetition, and encouragement.  She is also active in her church community and leads children in their weekly services.

JoAnn was raised in Rockland, Idaho, a farm community that she attributes to her strong work ethic.  Her husband, Nathan, was born and raised in Arlington, Virginia.  They feel Boise offers the right mix of city and country to call home.  In her spare time, JoAnn enjoys spending time with her family, running, and reading.

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