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COBE Advisory Council

Active. Engaged. Valued.

The College of Business and Economics (COBE) is helping create the future for our students and the Treasure Valley through entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and collaboration. Collaboration with leaders from our vibrant business community is central to the College’s ability to achieve its vision, mission and strategic directions. The COBE Advisory Committee (COBEAC) is made up of business leaders who not only care about the direction of our Valley, but believe strongly that COBE can be a key driver in creating economic value and improving our community’s high quality of life.

Clay Young

CEO, BannerSolar P.B.C. • (208) 426-1125

Seasoned, serial entrepreneur and early stage investor. All consuming passion for protecting the planet we will leave to our children and all the other wonderful inhabitants of this world. Keenly focused on how to creatively use innovation in solar energy and mobile communications to educate consumers about renewable energy and make it part of the fabric of their lives.

Employment history with several companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Extended Systems and Microsoft. Co-founded three companies, including ProClarity Corp, Inovus Solar Inc. and BannerSolar P.B.C.