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Boise State Lecturer Cheryl Larabee and Parma High School Instructor Stephanie WindleManagement Department Lecturer Cheryl Larabee (left) and Parma High School Instructor Stephanie Windle (right) team up to start the concurrent enrollment program for GENBUS 101 Business for the New Generation. In this program, high school students from Parma take business-related courses over several years to get college credit for GENBUS 101. Cheryl will consult with Stephanie concerning the progress of the high school business courses she teaches.

image Shaunn Mattingly Boise State facultyShaunn Mattingly, recent graduate of the University of Louisville, joins the management department faculty. He will be teaching strategy and organization behavior courses. Welcome aboard!!




The Relationship of HR Professionals’ Online Experiences with perceptions of Organizational Hiring and Promotion of Online Graduates.  By Gundars Kaupins and James Wanek (Boise State) and Malcolm Coco (Abilene Christian), Journal of Education for Business, Volume 89, pp. 222-229.

Decatur read is writing a question and answer column at called “Ask the Legal Expert.”  His latest submission from June 27th is “Access to Bars and Restaurants by People Under Age 21.”

Amanda Mumford, recent MBA graduate, attended the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) conference in Orlando, Florida.  She and her team (Chase Twilley, Kelly Suter) won the SHRM regional case study competition to earn her way to the conference.  The conference provides up-to-date information on HR.

SHRM National Conference 1Amanda Mumford and National Conferenec