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Management Department Adjunct Professor Robert Morgan received national recognition in 3 categories at the 2014 “North American Book Awards” for his book, “Equipping Saints for Service.”

– 2nd place for Books on Travel
– 3rd place for Inspirational Non-Fiction Books
– 3rd place for Cover Design


Journal Articles:

Kaupins, Gundars., Wanek, James., Coco, M. (2014). Human Resource Manager Perceptions of Online Course Reimbursement. International Journal of Management and Human Resources, 2(1), 29-47.

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Neupert, Kent (Principal), “Boise State I-Corps Sites Program,” Sponsored by National Science Foundation, Federal, Submitted. Total Amount Requested: $248,905.00. (June 30, 2014 – Present)

Solan, David Francis (Principal), Taylor Black, Meredith (Co-Investigator), Black, Geoffrey (Co-Investigator), “A Comprehensive Decision Framework for Assessment the Adoption of Small & Medium-sized Reactors: Analysis of Key Factors and Member State Requirements and Capabilities,” Sponsored by International Atomic Energy Agency, Foreign, Awarded. Total Amount Requested: $41,002.00, Amount of Total Award: $41,002.00. (August 28, 2014 – Present)


 Suciu, Christy. (Presenter/Author), Baughn, Chris. (Author), The Business of Social and Environmental Innovation 2014 Conference, “Design Thinking and Models of Entrepreneurial Innovation,” University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business, Cape Town, South Africa. (Presented: October 23, 2014).

Buchanan, Mark. (Author), Conference on Social Responsibility, “CSR and the Social Contract: New Lenses for Stakeholder Analysis and Strategic Management,” Milgard School of Business, University of Washington, Tacoma; Tacoma, WA. (Presented: July 10, 2014). Peer-Reviewed/Refereed.

Meredith Taylor, a returning member of the management department, is publishing two new works:

Carbon free energy development and the role of small modular reactors: A review and decision framework for deployment in developing countries in Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews this March, 2015. King Cotton in International Trade: The Political Economy of Dispute Resolution at the WTO will be the inaugural book in the World Trade Institute’s new series Global Studies in International Economic Law with Brill Publishing. Meredith Taylor

Management Professor Dusty Bodie was approved to be member of the  board for the Idaho Nonprofit Center.  Her term starts in January.Bodie_Nancy

Congrats to the following HRA officers elected October 15, 2014:

President:  Stephanie Rabon
Vice President:  Roni Dringle
Chief Operating Officer:  Hannah Felt
Chief Financial Officer:  Nichole Di Dio