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THE KITCHEN venture lab

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The-Kitchen-SquareA neutral space of innovation, learning, building, creating and sharing.  This highly manipulable space welcomes innovators.  Movable white board walls, amazing technology, and high tech comfort all blend into the experience in this facility made for creative collaboration.

This welcoming space invites the user to set aside the world and meet in a neutral environment that moves with the needs of the group, as the group progresses through the creative process.


This space, not associated with any one college or department of Boise State University, facilitates cross
-campus and cross-college research and development.  The Center for Entrepreneurship and the Office of University & Industry Ventures have created a neutralevents-at-the-KitcheSquare place for amazing ideas, research and meetings of the mind to take place.  We believe that the creation of the Kitchen answers the goal of “providing developmental opportunities for faculty to integrate research and teaching, promote diverse communities that foster faculty, staff and student interaction, and build and maintain facilities to support programs and create an attractive and accessible environment.”

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