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For several years, the Centre for Creativity and Innovation has sparked creative leaders to innovate the world around them.

We hope we’ve made progress—through offering workshops, facilitating “gangs” of multisector aggressive learners, publishing books and articles about creativity, and giving many talks around the area and the world.

It’s now time for new ventures.

As the Centre for Creativity and Innovation phases out, other groups continue to do things differently to help the region and organizations within get better. It’s great to see innovation continue in new and exciting ways.

Stephanie Chism and I are so grateful to so many people, including the more than 50 members of gangs we developed over the years—The Gang, The Posse, The Hard Rock Miners, The Wranglers, The Sidewinders, and The Huddle—and to the affiliates and students who made it all work.

Thanks for the wonderful ride. And keep looking for creativity in unexpected places.

Thank you again.

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